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Your Dining Club

We list supper clubs and open dining events for you to join. Meals can be in restaurants, pubs, homes or anywhere else. All guests are selected by their organizer. Social dining is ideal for people who would like to meet other foodies, couples, friends, singles and like-minds, or for any other reason.

If you organize a meal, you have the freedom to do anything. If you are a guest, you can see who the other guests are before you go, and message members once you have met.

So, who would you like to meet next week?


Get Invites for Free

1 Register for free to get emails alerting you to events in your area. There are no lengthy profiles to fill in.
2 See something you like?
3 Become a member and ask to join that meal, and others. Or organize one. One simple membership covers everything.


Be a Guest

Meet other foodies, couples, friends, singles and like-minds, whatever your affinity. Take a buddy if you want. Members can see who they are going to meet, and message other members once they have.



Any member can organize. At the simplest level, you can create a single event. You just need a date, time and place, plus an idea of who you would like to come along. Then take the plunge. We’ll notify members in the area. Just pick your guests from those who apply, and you are good to go.

Or go further and run a professional club. Either way, guests make entries in your Guest Book afterwards, so your achievement is recognized.


Singles Dining

No lengthy profiles, no internet chat before you meet, no first date nerves. Just authentic people excited about the possibilities of meeting face to face.

Social dining is a relaxed alternative to dating. There are singles-only events and you'll find unattached people at social events too. Let nature take its course. Register now to get free alerts.