We're looking for organisers in the area around Portsmouth, Hants, UK.

We are a social dining network, and we're for the members and by the members.  We're a global dining society where people join to meet others over food, whatever their interests. Members organise their own events.  It’s an exciting time; we are doing something exciting in the Portsmouth area in May and we are backed by a national press and media partner.

We need a limited number of enthusiastic and reliable people to organise and attend some dinners in restaurants. You won’t be an employee. You’ll be independent and a member just like everyone else, but because you are helping us to get things started, we'll support you to create the first events and give you a head start. If you prefer, events can be in your home if you are a skilled cook, or if you know one.

People don’t generally start dinner clubs because recruiting members and advertising their events is too large an obstacle before they get started. However, we do that so you don’t have to. With the hard part taken care of and a ready audience, your role is to design a dining event, publish it on our site, manage your guest list and look after your fellow members when you meet up. If that sound like it should be fun, great.

The more care you take of the members’ needs, the more value they will place in your service. As organiser, you have an opportunity not only to make money but also enjoy evenings and lunchtimes out, and meet the kind of people you want to meet. Supper clubs are an established idea and can run for years as a commercial enterprise.  We are making them easier, and you could be in at the start.

As a member, you will be independent and completely free to control of every aspect of your dining club and events, including who goes to your dinners, where they are held, and how much you charge. You can start small, and if you want to earn revenue in your spare time it’s like running a micro-business. Your income will be related to your activity level, and the scale of your events. Managed properly, this should be a low-cost, low-risk activity, and we are giving free memberships and incentives to get things started. We do not add or deduct charges from your event fees, we only take a monthly fee from members of the society.

You can create events for anyone, but singles are an obvious category. For example, one of our hosts is creating a supper club for single country folk. However, don’t forget couples like to socialise, and there are foodies, business net-workers and the senior generation who prefer to meet at lunchtime too, as do mums. Any event type is available to you, from a small dinner to a gala event. You’ll be providing a valuable service enriching people’s lives.

If you have booked restaurants for a large group before, you’ll find it only requires a little extra face time with your laptop to manage a supper club. Of course, a supper club needs someone at the front as it is an extension of your personality, so you need to be comfortable with people. You don't have to go it alone though. Working with a friend helps on the night and two heads are better than one.

So, who would you like to meet?

Read the articles in the footer of the web site, get in touch with your questions and to claim your free membership, and we'll look forward to chatting with you.