Supper Clubs Explained

If you love food, and you adore entertaining and meeting new people even more, and if you have ever said, ‘I could do that!’ when Come Dine With Me has been on the TV, then hosting your own supper club could be an exciting and rewarding way to share your interests and use your talents. But what is a supper club exactly?    

The term Supper Club has traditionally been connected to a private members’ club involving dining combined with entertainment, like a cabaret for example. Membership was usually restricted and events would involve the same people coming together each time.

And then there was the rise of the home restaurant. In some countries they were illegal, with guests primed to sing 'happy birthday' should the police arrive!

But today’s supper club is something very different, exciting - and full of variety.  They can be open dining groups that meet at venues such as high street restaurants, or be an underground restaurant. These alternative restaurants are called a wide variety of names, including home bistro, guerrilla diner, secret restaurant, open-door restaurants, pop-ups ... they go on. From home-based themed dinner parties for couples to singles events in a restaurant, no two supper clubs are exactly alike. But they all have one aim: to bring people together to share wonderful food and stimulating conversation.

Where are Supper Clubs Held?

Many supper clubs are home based but others are held in restaurants, sometimes on their quieter nights when they are happy to pull tables together for group dining. Others are held in unusual or ‘pop-up’ venues that add an air of intrigue to the whole event and sometimes supper club hosts hold dinner parties on a beach or by a lake, or even hold a picnic in a park, just for something unique.

Who are Supper Club Guests?

A supper club is different from other types of dining because of the whole social aspect; it’s an exciting, safe way to meet new people without having to put on airs and graces. Supper club guests are usually complete strangers to each other - and this is usually responsible for creating the greatest buzz. 

What Food is Served at a Supper Club?

The great thing about supper clubs is that there are no restrictions where the food is concerned. Hosts sometimes hold themed events, perhaps showcasing the cuisine of a certain country or region; some host vegetarian dinners, others might even host a supper especially for those with a certain food intolerance.